Delivery Methods

How will we actually deliver Tribute tools?

  1. SDK with demo/apps and examples
  • “developer-friendly” approach thats fully open-ended.
  1. Html Code snippet generated by a wizard
  • Useful for donations where flow doesnt need to initiate any action on the site.
  1. Wordpress plugin like this one
  • specific to wordpress sites like blogs
  • would allow “locking” content behind a Tribute paywall
  1. Other???

Thats a good question. It’s not clear to me what this code base is going to look like. I think we’ll probably be needing to write an approach thats open ended for those who write their websites themselves and more specialized use cases for those who don’t.

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That word press plugin is pretty sweet. But theres also a bunch of website templating software out there. Do we want to write specific implementations for all of them or can we try and do a catch all approach with documentation that explains how to integrate?

Agreed. I think we just need to prioritize which method we do first.

On the subject of specific implementations- i think for now we get VERY specific for the demos.

I really like the wordpress example you gave. In fact, I think is the direction we should go in. If you take a look at their react integration on github it’s 2 small script tags