Designing the charity widget for next demo

For our next demo, how is this specification?

Charity/Donation Widget

  • Should have a mini button that shows Tribute logo and reads “Send Tribute”
  • Clicking button triggers popup widget window
  • Should read wallet and current hat to determine how much tribute is available (proportion going to wallet address * wallet rDAI balance)
  • Should contain three prepopulated suggested tribute buttons (e.g., 10 DAI, 20 DAI, 50 DAI) that are only visible if below the amount of available tribute
  • Should also have a custom input form allowing user to specify amount of tribute up to the amount of available tribute
  • Once a button or input amount is selected, should prepare a createHat() TX that populates a new hat object (easiest way might be to use existing and new tribute values in DAI for the proportions)
  • Should have a Send Tribute button that sends TX to createHat() with the new hat (addresses and proportions)
  • Should trigger metamask popup to send TX
  • Should have an Awaiting Confirmation spinner and link to the pending TX
  • Should update when TX confirmed with tribute flowing message
  • Should also show End Tribute button
  • Should also have Go To Tribute Dashboard button
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